Leah Heise


Career Highlights:

Leah Heise is an experienced regulatory compliance attorney barred in both the State of
Maryland and the District of Columbia. Leah loves to develop structure in her personal
and business lives. She is a big picture thinker with an innate ability to assess an issue
and generate solutions. As a former Enforcement Attorney with the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration, Leah is well versed in the world of rapidly changing
regulations and has immersed herself in the cannabis industry as the former CEO of
Women Grow, LLC, the President of Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute, LLC, a
Maryland licensed dispensary, as Chief Experience Officer for 4Front Venture’s retail
brand Mission, and, now, as AWH’s Chief Administrative Officer.
Leah’s interest in the cannabis industry was peaked in 2014 with the passage of
Maryland’s medical cannabis legislation. As a longtime chronic pancreatitis patient who
utilized opioids as her sole method of pain management, the prospect of being able to
eliminate her opioid use and learn a brand new area of law was intriguing. Leah also
serves as Strategic Advisor to the Cannabis Science Conference, the industry’s biggest
scientific conference and sits on the Board of Advisors of Safe Arbor, a contactless
delivery system for the cannabis industry.
When Leah isn’t attending Cannabis Industry events, you will find her enjoying her time
with her husband of twenty-five plus years and her twin daughters, traveling the world
and listening to music. If you meet her, beware; duplication is in her blood and you may
just be talking to her identical twin. Not only is she an identical twin, she is the daughter
of a fraternal twin, and the mother of fraternal twins. She is warm and friendly and
always open to making a new connection.
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