Al Byrne

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Current City:

Carrabelle, FL

Career Highlights

High School - Hockey 1959-1961: 1961 Defense,19-0 New England competition; Baseball, lst base, .365 batting average, New England competition.
College - Tackle Football, U . Notre Dame intramural, 8-0, starting wide receiver, 1961-2; Rugby, starting Wing, 1962-1965, national/international competition - undefeated.
Guiness Book of World Records, Slow-pitch Softball, lst base, Team, perfect game, Newport, RI.
US Navy, various unit teams, "touch football" and "slow pitch softball"- I was older then!

Post Career Highlights

Obtaining his Navy commission in the UND ROTC program he served on a Destroyer, as an advisor in Vietnam, at various US Naval installations and as a Navy Seabee.
A lifelong cannabis advocate he was the co-Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws for several years and the National Secretary from 1989 to 1992. With his wife, Mary Lynn Mathre RN, he co-founded Patients Out of Time, Inc. in 1995 to teach the US medical and nursing community about the therapeutic uses of cannabis in accredited settings. He co-produced an award winning “Marijuana as Medicine” video documentary in 1997. He was instrumental in the founding of The Medical Cannabis Institute an on-line accredited cannabis education program designed for RN’s and MD’s. Al is the US representative for patient advocacy for the European based International Academy of Cannabis Medicine.
In 2007 Al co-founded Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access a national all volunteer Veterans Service non-profit that is responsible for negotiating the first Veterans Health Administration cannabis policy in the US in 2010. VMCA has since championed PTS(d) as an indication qualifying for medical cannabis in numerous US states.
Al co-hosts “Veterans Voices” and Patients Out of Time’s radio program on the iHeart Radio Network. He lives in north Florida with his wife and three Golden Retrievers, is a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Current Company

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

Brands & Products I Promote

Veterans Voices
IHeart Radio Network

Passion Projects

Veterans/athletic injuries, therapeutic cannabis education, patient advocacy

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