Bas Rutten

MMA League Ambassador


Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

Years Active:

13 years

Career Highlights

Three-time Pancrase World Champion (MMA). UFC heavyweight Champion. Inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame 2015 BIO: Bas Rutten’s legendary status in the MMA/UFC community came from humble beginnings. As a child, Bas was often bullied because of his battle with eczema and asthma. He turned his struggles into motivation that thrust him into a career full of accolades and accomplishments. Bas transitioned from a career in professional sports to become an actor and television personality. Currently, Bas works as the color commentator for NBC’s “World Series of Fighting”. Bas’ struggles and triumphs throughout his life have inspired him to take an active role in providing support and education to the men, women, and children that look to him for guidance. His Athletes for CARE role as a league ambassador allows him to continue pursuing his passion to help improve the quality of life for his global community.
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