Dan Devaney

Athlete Ambassador




Oregon Ducks

Years Active:


Current City:

Milwaukie, OR

Career Highlights

4 year Letterman

Post Career Highlights

He battled his own issues with substance abuse and mental health difficulty after his sports career and the loss of that identity. During that time, Dan lost many people close to him due to alcohol, drugs, and suicide related deaths. Through those experiences and his own journey through addiction and now recovery, Dan decided it was time to give back and be of service to others. This was the beginning of his desire to establish a career in addiction and substance abuse counseling. Also Peer Mentoring and Peer Support. Dan’s vast personal and practical experience with substance abuse and the disease of addiction helps him to connect and serve others, especially athletes. Dan finds joy in being part of a committed team and atmosphere at Oregon Trail Recovery. Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Oregon. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, hiking, meditation, biking, and mostly his two Labradors Porter and Louis.

Current Company

Oregon Trail Recovery LLC
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