Erika Winters

Athlete Ambassador


Skating (Pro)


Tactics Skate Team 2007-2010 & Shelter Skatepark (2005-7)

Current City:

Springfield , OR

Career Highlights

Sponsorship, Community, helped built two indoor/covered parks in Oregon. Skateboarded across the nation from Bellingham south to San Diego, and Florence East to DC, and as many mini ramps and swimming pools as we could dig up along the way!

Post Career Highlights

For so many of us, the fact that we’re still standing is a miracle. From early childhood concussions, car accidents, skateboarding, and 25 years of farming and landscaping, my pain and injury narrative can fill a book. Cannabis, yoga, and a Spitfire will to live have been my saving graces for healing and moving forward. After herniating multiple discs and undergoing PCL reconstruction surgery and MCL arthroscopy, I had to hang my board on the hook in order to maintain my basic A.D.L’s and active farm consultant role. Some of my greatest athletic honors have come from being sponsored by Tactics Boardsports. They connected we me with flow from Vans, Bacon, 1984, and more. Together, we petitioned and built the Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge park in Eugene, Oregon. I sat on both the RFP design committee, and the fundraising committee. Coproducing a skate art auction and raising over $15,000 with additional grant-writing money gave me such a strong sense of fulfillment and contribution to my skate community. Additionally, helping to build, caretake, and manage the Shelter Indoor Skatepark in Eugene gave me the skate family I still connect with to this day. While my late 30s and 40s are devoted to activism and education, I look forward to the day my man will build me a padded half pipe so I can teach our future kids to ride!

Current Company

Everbloom Consulting, Owner
Athletes for CARE, A4C, Athlete Health Issues, Athlete Activsm, Cannabis in Sports
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