Justin Renfrow

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Football (NFL)


"Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, San Fransisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills.
Calgary Stampeders, B.C. Lions "

Years Active:


Current City:

Morrisville, PA

Career Highlights

2014 NFC Champion (Seattle Seahawks lost in the Super Bowl, 2018 Grey Cup Champion (Calgary Stampeders) 2014 ACC All-Academic Team. 2018 & 2019 CFL Tom Pate Award Nominee.

Post Career Highlights

If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity that go on to become a professional athlete, you owe it to the other 99% of humanity to think about the other 99%. That’s exactly what Justin does and what the JR Football Brand is about, JR Football is always thinking of ways to give back to the community. In a short period of time, Justin Renfrow & JR Football have partnered with numerous charities to assist in raising funds for those that need it the most. It’s a quality that is unmatched.

Justin understands that professional sports will only last a period of time. With this notion, he has successfully launched his own brand JR Football, identity and clothing line. He is currently finishing a new website that will include an e-commerce store within the website. It will house several of the branding attire pieces available for purchase for his fans. Also, each month there will be a piece of clothing that is specifically being sold to raise money for a non-profit or charity of Justin’s choice.

Further, Justin has successfully partnered with numerous companies for his brand and football needs. The Clothing line is just one part of the JR Brand. Justin hopes to grow his company into a three headed monster comprised of clothing, a training facility and charity/community work.

What’s the back story of JR Football and the Clothing Line?
When Justin first moved to Canada he found that his size was tough to find and a lot of the styles he wore to train and in everyday casual wear were tough to come by in Canada. Justin’s self-made & customized gear started as a way for him to still promote his team while out in the community wearing the styles he likes and clothing that actually fit him. The Original JR Football Clothing pieces are what you would call an athlete’s essential wardrobe.

The JR Football Logo is one of five hand drawn by Justin after his first season in The CFL. After the success of the jumpsuits, people began requesting the custom made items that Justin had prepared for himself branding the JR logo.

Current Company

CFL & Founder JR Football

Brands & Products I Promote

JR Football

Passion Projects

Nightshift Ministires, Big Brothers Vancouver, Special Olympics BC, Vancouver Food Bank, Brown Bag Calgary, Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary, Boys and Girls Club Calgary, CBFA (Calgary Bantam Football Association)

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