Cody Crowley

Athlete Ambassador


Boxing (Pro)

Career Highlights:

Champion Triple C Boxer, Cody didn’t allow a first failed attempt to stop him from achieving his dream. At 21 years old the plan was rigid and simple. Nothing but boxing. He set out making Las Vegas his home for the next ten years under any and all circumstances. At the end, a world title. He returned to his first manager from his first Las Vegas stint. Only this time, relentless to the point of irritating, Crowley was becoming a staple in the gym. Cody took initiative and his manager realized he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Soon, the demand for a forward pressing south paw who takes damage was in hot demand, Cody began to circulate. The now, Top Rank signed boxer is not only getting fights but was on everybody’s radar and caught his biggest break yet when he was brought on to spar with Floyd Mayweather and went blow for blow for 38 minutes and never broke. With five events in his hometown, Crowley almost couldn’t be any bigger. Cody receives Canadian admiration and possesses an undefeated record.
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