James McEwan

Athlete Ambassador



Career Highlights:

James McEwan is a spiritual messenger, musician, writer, coach and healer. James played professional hockey and was a spark that inspired his teammates and fans through his leadership, determination, and heart. Playing a high energy, hard nosed game and being an enforcer on the ice, he sustained an accumulation of injuries and challenges that eventually led to a crash, physically and mentally. This steered him deep into a healing and soul-searching journey. The intensity of this ignited a profound shift and awakening that radically shifted his consciousness and the very course of his life. James spent the next several years immersed in meditation, practicing and learning, spiritual teachings, yoga, music, mantra, energy healing, plant medicine, health and personal development. As this integrated he began to share his experience and skills with others. He now shares a message to inspire transformation, evolution in consciousness, peace, unity and empowerment.
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