Treyous Jarrells

NCAA Athlete Ambassador


Football (NCAA)


Running Back


Colorado State University

Career Highlights:

Treyous Jarrells is a former NCAA running back for Colorado State University turned cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and consultant. His inspirational story, “Playing High” The Treyous Jarrells Story, has garnered global attention and his focus on cannabis pain treatment for athletes has been a game-changer for many. Treyous travels with former NFL athletes and fellow cannabis activists Marvin Washington and Ricky Williams, educating the people on the benefits associated with utilizing cannabis in the sports arena to combat traumatic head injuries and offer nonlethal pain treatment options with less addiction and side effects. He has become a figurehead for cannabis and collegiate sports as a result of his courageous efforts and commitment to the plant and the game. As a way to continue the movement and raise awareness nationally, Treyous founded the non-profit Motives Made Just 4 Athletes, Inc. MMJ4Athletes focuses on educating collegiate athletes to the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the downsides of pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments, while also supplying them with cannabis industry networks, connections, and training for careers and opportunities after they graduate college. Treyous is also the CEO of Canna-Doctor, Inc., a cannabis recommendation clinic located in Lake Mary, Florida and the CEO of Real Lyfas, an agricultural company that focuses on generating organic products for the agricultural industry. He is the creative visionary behind Cin-Doctor, an all organic foliar spray that is utilized during the cultivation process and is sold in hydroponic stores throughout Northern Colorado. His future goals are to continue to educate athletes on the medicinal properties of cannabis and how to avoid Pharm Harm. He intends on expanding his cannabis enterprise and help to mentor young athletes on better options in life while continuing to speak and present as a cannabis activist and advocate for all.
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